• Jason McCrea’s debut show AFTERBURN is a journey through a collection of new large-scale works. The show unfolds similar to an album, where each painting stands as a song. Individually exploring their own pallets and subject matter, surprises can be found from one to the next. Casting a surreal use of colour as a way to interject fantasy into reality. With this body of work, Jason gives space for more creative choices and embraces the process of creating through intuition. Combining subjects from both imagination and life to create something new. In this way, more nuanced feelings can be felt in the work. Experiences of adventure, solitude, heartbreak and an overall excitement for life are at the core of what is translated into paint. In these times of excessive noise and uncertainty, the title of the exhibition, AFTERBURN, speaks in the spirit to keep going. In hopes of an encouraging message, no matter how small, what lights us up inside and inspires us is more important than ever.

RSVP Artist Reception: Friday May 3rd, 5:30-8:30pm | Artist Talk: Saturday May 4th, 1-4pm | Show: May 3rd - 17th

Jason McCrea (b. Duncan BC 1989) is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist. His practice includes drawing, painting, graffiti and the installation of large-scale indoor and outdoor murals.

In his current body of work, Jason explores the interplay between harmony and hostility of the urban landscape. Inspired by his origins in graffiti, his artistic choices are often guided by a fascination with the force of entropy. Honouring its uncontrollable nature and the unexpected beauty it creates. In the spirit of maintaining honesty in the work, he uses elements and encounters of everyday life. After numerous drawings, colour studies and plein-air sketches, the work is reconstructed through a foggy lens of reminiscing. By using this process, the moments are re-contextualized not how they appear in reality, but how they felt in his memory.