• Tafui is  an Artist and Designer originally from Kingston, Jamaica. Her work spans various media, which includes fine art and product design. She  is  known for bold black and white abstract, repeating patterns that embellish her  work.

    She holds a D.E.C in studio arts from Dawson College and a B.F.A. in Design Art from Concordia University. With over twenty years of experience working in the Art and design industry. She  has also lectured and co-wrote post-secondary level courses in branding & design. Her work is inspired by deconstructing cultures into their base elements and symbols, looking for the similarities and relationships they share. Upon researching her ancestral history, She  was led to study pre-colonial groups from West Africa and began to notice the similarities of indigenous cultures throughout the globe. The use of pattern-making and symbolism as a sconce of storytelling was not only in Africa but worldwide.

Her  public artwork experience includes working with the Vancouver Art Gallery, City of Vancouver, the City of Ottawa, the Vancouver Mural Festival and the Winter Arts Festival. with a focus on Augmented Reality application to sculptural art installations. Her work is also a  part of the city of Ottawa and the Bank of Jamaica Public Art collection.

The basis of my work speaks to the Jamaican motto, “Out of many, one people” and how that outlook aligns with all people. Through my understanding of our histories and shared experiences, we become united, as people, as cultures, that are bound to the earth.

The use of a minimal colour palette, primarily black and white, gives access to people who are colour blind or have limited vision. My use of patterns to tell a story.