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At Ashdale Gallery, we are more than just a space for art. We are a testament to the fusion of personal stories, the vibrant world of creativity and our local community. Our name, Ashdale, encapsulates the heart of our endeavor—a blend of our son’s name, "Ashton," and "Lonsdale," the iconic artery of North Vancouver. This is a place where art finds its home, where stories intertwine, and where your journey to discover exceptional Canadian art begins.

Meet Our Artists

  • Angela Lane

    Everyday actions of experimentation and play are my starting points in the creation of these forms. My work begins with the construction of multi-dimensional shapes, constructed of wood. Line is the only visual language utilized to further sculpt the form. Movement in the form is made through the manipulation of simple repetitive parallel lines with optical effects, that play against the concrete dimensional structure.
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  • Christa Rijneveld

    Christa Rijneveld grew up on a Dutch dairy farm, spending countless hours drawing at the kitchen table. At age 18, she applied to art school, and didn’t get accepted. The disappointment caused her to stop drawing for many years after that. This all changed in 2015, when she moved from the Netherlands to British Columbia, Canada. Doodling became an outlet for dealing with the transition, as well as a way to learn about her new surroundings. The vast, mountainous landscape served as her biggest muse.
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  • Joanne MacDonald

    Inspired by the delicate balance of nature and relationships Joanne works almost exclusively with found, natural and recycled elements. Joanne is an intuitive artist using the resources to inform as she cuts, grinds, assembles, and welds raw materials. Her artwork, like a mirror, contrasts the balance and imperfection of life. Pensive and introspective, Joanne’s sculptures, often kinetic, allude to individuals and their relationships creating an emotional dialogue between art and viewer and inviting them to interact with the pieces.
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