At Ashdale Gallery, we are more than just a space for art. We are a testament to the fusion of personal stories, the vibrant world of creativity and our local community. Our name, Ashdale, encapsulates the heart of our endeavor—a blend of our son’s name, "Ashton," and "Lonsdale," the iconic artery of North Vancouver. This is a place where art finds its home, where stories intertwine, and where your journey to discover exceptional Canadian art begins.

  • John Capitano

    In 1986 I began to paint using a system of chance to select colors...
    Carried out in a playful spirit, this arbitrary system results in unique color combinations. To resolve a painting my game-playing shifts to problem-solving, still maintaining this chance process.
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  • Mary Lottridge

    “The bedrock of my work is an urgent engagement with materials and image and the vexing uncertainty and simultaneously thrilling act of painting. Milton Glaser says ‘Making things is one of the truly remedial aspects of being human’. He also says that finding things is not the same as making things. I want to make paintings."
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  • Robert Lemay

    With my floral compositions, I capture that feeling you get when you first lean into a bouquet to inhale the scent. I’m very conscious of creating a level of realism that is poetic while still retaining the illusion for the viewer of being right in that moment. Some passages will be more brushy and poetic and others will be more detailed....
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