At Ashdale Gallery, we are more than just a space for art. This is a place where art finds its home, where stories intertwine, and where your journey to discover exceptional Canadian art begins.

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  • Rande Cook

    “It is my intentions to break barriers..
    …between Indigenous art and the art of the world by fusing many ideas that will enrich the body of my art form, My hope is that by doing this we as a society can see the beauty in all cultures and embrace the spirit that connects us all in an ever embracing rainbow of colour.”
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  • Anastasia Kimmett

    I create scenes and natural objects that intrigue the eye. They persuade one to move in close, slow down and appreciate the tiny building blocks, and the ‘moment to moment’, otherwise lost in the ‘big picture’. Valuing resourcefulness and unconventional techniques, I am driven to experiment; to push and blend method and media, abstraction and design. Creative trials produce a growing variety of directions and aesthetics that I move around in. The results are ever-changing, but the foundational process remains grounded, as it does in nature: create, destroy, create...
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  • Samantha Battaglia

    Samantha's current body of work conveys Canadian landscapes through hard edged geometric abstraction and decisive mark-making. Inspired both by architectural structures and wild landscapes, her work is characterized by the subtle interaction between familiar imagery and ambiguous shapes, and a subdued palette of cool hues. Employing this distinctive style throughout the last decade she has created bodies of work that feature bold figurative studies, coastal landscapes, and labyrinth-like collaged architectural spaces, all using the painted surface as a tool for illusion and visual fragmentation.
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