• Christa Rijneveld grew up on a Dutch dairy farm, spending countless hours drawing at the kitchen table. At age 18, she applied to art school, and didn’t get accepted. The disappointment caused her to stop drawing for many years after that. This all changed in 2015, when she moved from the Netherlands to British Columbia, Canada. Doodling became an outlet for dealing with the transition, as well as a way to learn about her new surroundings. The vast, mountainous landscape served as her biggest muse.

    Doodling became drawing; drawing turned into painting. Nowadays, Rijneveld mainly works with acrylic on canvas. She explores mountains with simple lines and marks that create intricate textures and patterns. In her work, she seeks to find balance between meticulousness and spontaneity. In 2019, Rijneveld and partner Regan Johnston joined forces, and alongside their solo work, started to make collaborative paintings that concentrate on natural vs. modern worlds and wildlife conservation.